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Dear Editor,

I should start first, by correcting a mistake I made in my first letter to the editor, Climate Change losing steam, Pg. 7, Feb. 14, 2019 issue.

If 10 feet of water was distributed over the entire land mass of the world and if this water somehow found its way to the oceans, it would raise the ocean levels by only 3.44 feet, according to Google Earth Facts.

The world consists of only 29 per cent land and 71 per cent water.

Carbon levels on the earth have almost never been lower.

Only in the times during and following an ice age, which the earth is now just recovering from.

Twenty-five thousand years ago (which is a blink of an eye in earth time), most of Canada was covered in two miles of ice.

FACT: The ice sheet extended to within 600 miles of the equator. Carbon levels were at their lowest levels ever recorded at 260 ppm.

FACT: Carbon levels were estimated to be around the 4000 ppm in the age of the dinosaurs when earth’s plant production was at its maximum capacity.

FACT: Most plants as we know, evolved at 1200 ppm. Water vapour is the biggest contributor to carbon release and is, to the best of my knowledge, uncontrollable.

FACT: Carbon is the magical substance that turns sunlight and water into plant food. Trying to make the earth colder by two degrees and lowering carbon levels is a very dangerous thing to try and achieve, as Canada is one of only six countries in the world that has large amounts of exportable food.

As urban population expands worldwide, more and more pressure is going to be put on farmers of the world to meet these demands.

At the Seed Cleaning Co-operatives Convention in Edmonton, we were addressed by Dr. Paul Bullock of the Department of Soil Science, University of Manitoba.

Dr. Bullock was very excited as to how higher carbon levels will be a positive factor in crop growth in Canada and around the world.

FACT: Many countries are artificially making much higher carbon levels available to plants with very encouraging results.

I have included a graph of carbon levels and relation to temperatures.

This chart goes back millions of years, not hundreds of thousands of years, as most climate change advocates use, along with the cliche, the science is all in and the debate is all over.

To quote Albert Einstein: “The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has limits.”

Don’t worry, the world has never been a better place to live than today.


Walter Suntjens,

Farmer, rancher, businessman,

Hanna, Ab.

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