Netago expands service to fiber optic solutions

Netago is growing once again by expanding its Internet service through deployment of fiber optic solutions in the towns and villages that they serve.
Netago has been a proud rural internet provider for 15 years serving Special Areas No. 2, 3 & 4, MD of Acadia, Starland County and County of Stettler.
Our success is due to our loyal customers and the valuable partnerships we have with the municipalities we serve.
In our efforts to continually invest in the latest wireless technologies, the need for fiber optic solutions for towns and villages is a reality we must address.
Currently, our wireless network consists of 40 towers covering 26,000 kilometers.
As internet usage has increased for both business and residential purposes, the demand for data has grown tremendously.
By deploying fiber optic service in towns and villages, we will be able to free up wireless resources on our towers, so rural customers on farms and acreages and in hamlets will receive better internet service.
This will allow our rural customers to continue to take advantage of the internet to enhance their business, access to information and reach the global market.
The first community to have fiber optic service in 2018 will be the Village of Consort as work has already begun to provide this service to this community.
The next planned communities to receive fiber optic service will be the Town of Oyen and the Village of Delia later this year. As we work with municipalities moving forward, we will identify other towns and villages that will benefit from enhanced internet service.

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