Needs and requests were less this year

Coronation town council

Chief Administrative Officer Sandra Kulyk along with the Coronation town councillors were able to budget for everything that was requested of council this year when they announced the 2016 capital budget at their regular meeting on Mon., Apr. 25 at $416,389.

The fire department will be allocated $23,789 for six bottles/breathing apparatus, two sets of bunker gear, six water packs and an infrared camera and stand.

The arena will get $6,000 for a new deep fryer and grill.

The curling rink will get $12,000 for a new brine pump and a lighting upgrade with new higher efficiency fluorescent lighting, as the existing lights are obsolete and parts cannot be replaced.

The swimming pool will receive $88,000 for new bleachers and a deck resurfacing.

The campground will use $36,000 for new site development and new water servicing.

Oiling the Norwegian Trail, Diana Lane, Harry Lane and the Hwy #12 service road will take up $270,000 of the capital budget.

The County of Paintearth has agreed to act as project managers for the road projects while the town will pay for the product.

Finally, the town will receive a new power rake and three point hitch rototiller for $12,600 along with town administration purchasing a new server and computer work stations and CDSS office acquiring a new air conditioning unit for $18,000 with $20,000 left over to go into the Municipal Sustainability Initiative Grant (MSI) to replenish reserves to pay off money that was previously borrowed against future MSI grants.

Kulyk also announced her intention of billing the University of Alberta for half of the costs for the new AC unit going into the dentists’ office because they operate the dentist’s office.

Any item that was requested of council which did not meet the (MSI) minimum of  $11,884 was deferred to the operating budget, which will be unveiled at the next council meeting.

The capital budget funding sources are as follows: $11,894 from the County of Paintearth, $33,600 transferred from the town reserves, $6,000 from the Community Facility Enhancement Program Grant, $29,607 from the recycling grant, $7,075 from the Federal Community Initiatives Program Grant, $166,864.50 from the MSI grant, $56,820 from the Basic Municipal Transportation grant and $104,528 (which includes $53,472 of carry forward) from Federal Gas Tax Fund grant.

STEP application rejected
Kulyk announced the town’s intent to still hire one lifeguard and one labour position this summer despite the government’s rejection of their Summer Temporary Employment Program funding application.

During a recent interview, Kulyk explained that the community used to receive STEP funding automatically but unfortunately the government cancelled the program.   However in November of 2015 the program was reintroduced under a new program look.

This year, under the new program, all STEP funding applications were evaluated in one collective group, including not-for-profit businesses and groups, with all applications being given equal consideration.

Unfortunately, as  a result, the program was over subscribed and, according to Kulyk, despite the town’s application being received by the province within the specified deadlines the government changed their criteria after the fact, and rejected Coronation’s application based on the date the application was received.

“Every municipality deserves a fair share [of the funding]”, said Kulyk, especially during tough economic times.  The criteria should not have been changed after the fact.

Despite the lack of STEP funding this year, the town will still hire the two summer positions which will be solely funded through tax dollars.

Demolition sites planned
In 2015, the Town of Coronation assumed title to a number of properties through the Tax Recovery process.
The following four properties 5106 Victoria Ave., 4727 Victoria  Ave., 4818 Norfolk Ave and 5230 Norfolk Ave. are in such deteriorated condition that demolition of the residences was proposed and passed by council at their regular meeting on Apr. 11.

A quote for the demolition was estimated at $50,000, including demolition, hauling of material and landfill disposal fees.

Water, sewer and garbage services bylaw
Information from the Shirley McClellan Regional Water Services Commission (SMRWSC) was that there would be no rate increases for water therefor Council opted for no changes to water or sewer rates. The only increase will be to the rates for commercial bin collection rates to align with the fees being charged by CanPak.

Monthly rates for commercial bins are proposed to be increased from $110 to $120 for once weekly collections, and increased from $175 to $210 for twice weekly collections.

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