Needing clarification

Dear Editor,

I appreciate your coverage of news happenings in our county.

Regarding the Stettler County paying for water-damage report in the May 7 issue of the ECA Review, I feel some clarification is needed on my quote.

To be clear, I am fully supportive of the county offering disaster assistance when a facility suffers unforeseen damage which needs to be repaired quickly.

What I said, or intended to convey, was I thought in hindsight it was a mistake for the county to pay 100 per cent of the repair costs, as was done in a few but not all instances.

Going forward I would like to see county policy continue to assist financially with disaster damages, but not to pay the full amount.

In fact, I made the motion to pay disaster assistance for 80 per cent of the Botha and Donalda requests.

Typically when an organization applies for recreation funding grants through the county they put up a portion of the cost themselves.

If Disaster Funding were to pay 100 per cent it could possibly reduce the incentive to update furnaces, roofs and other infrastructure and monitor facilities in extreme cold weather before disaster strikes.

Thanks for allowing this clarification.

Les Stulberg, Stettler County Councillor

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