Need to move onto today’s problems

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Dear Editor,

Splashing paint on statues and trying to trash the police for arresting the vandals isn’t doing the Black Lives Matter movement any good. 

The time for rioting is over and they need to start serious negotiations. 

They should hire a good public relations person and assemble a good negotiating committee to meet with the Governments of Canada and the USA. 

We all know there is a problem in these countries with homelessness, housing and unemployment. And now with the pandemic causing more unemployment, it is a good time to start negotiations for a guaranteed minimum wage for everybody. 

This is long overdue and would solve a lot of problems. 

Holding a news conference in front of the paint splashed statues and telling a lot of lies about the police doesn’t do much for their cause. 

The “Indigenous and the Black Lives Matter” movement want the statues taken down. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that Sir John A Macdonald and Ryerson did not start the residential schools to punish the Indigenous or do any harm to them. 

They thought that educating them was the proper thing to do. 

We all know that for the majority that did attend, it ended in utter failure, although some have said it did save their lives. 

I think that the time has come to move on from what happened 150 years ago. 

I’m sure the problems of today are much more pressing. We can’t solve the old problems, but we can move on and try to solve today’s problems.


Robert Blagen

Youngstown, Alta.

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