Need a bit of Rooster in us

I am sure that I am not the only one who has fallen down on their New Year’s resolutions already, actually I am not even sure I got started on them. Oh well, the Chinese New Year gives me a second chance.
I always enjoy checking out what the Chinese calendar and their animals will be predicting for the year.
The Chinese have a lot of symbols and traditions that they use for their celebrations. My favourite is their use of the colour red.
For the Chinese, red is an emblem of joy and symbolizes virtue, truth and sincerity. These are all very good qualities and the colour is usually all over any celebration.
The fireworks and all the noise is said to keep the monster of misfortune away.
I am a Dragon and the predictions are nothing but good for me and my fellow dragons.
According to the Chinese astrology, I will have a banner year with nothing but good luck and opportunities.  I like the sound of that!
This is the year of the Rooster, not just any Rooster but the Fire Rooster.  In the Chinese astrology the Rooster is strong-willed, confident, well organized and a good timekeeper.
This Fire Rooster only comes around every 60 years. Apparently this is a good thing for those born in Rooster years, as a Fire Rooster year is not a good year for them.
The prediction for these poor people is that they will be unlucky and have a lot of problems this year.
The other animals in the calendar will have a much better year.
A typical Rooster year is never boring, with lots of action, drama and productivity.
The general predictions for 2017 are that it will be a year of fresh challenges needing quick wits and practical solutions.
It will be powerful with no middle of the road compromises. People will need to be clear on their intentions and stick to practical and well proven paths to succeed.
I usually take these predictions with a grain of salt but this year there seems to be a few grains of truth in it.
Every year will have a lot of action and productivity for a lot of people, or it has the possibility of it.
Anyone who wants to succeed needs to be clear about what they want to do and they need to be powerful and go down a straight path to their goal.
They will get there by staying organized, sticking to their plan and putting in the hard work.
It makes me think that we all need to have a bit of the Rooster in us.

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