National security, the reason for the uproar

Dear Editor,
I’m surprised at writer’s perpetuation of the confusion surrounding this whole immigration question in the column titled: Immigrants, refugees not the enemy, pg. 6, Mar. 7, 2017.
She opens against what she terms “those who subscribe to a radical right-wing ideology”, and then proceeds to further muddy the waters.
What is the main point of this editorial? She unloads on “baby boomers” as being a financial burden to our country. Then, she goes on to an immigration policy and racial tension.
These are two separate matters. The connection Schimke tries to make between the two is weak and I think somewhat self-serving.
First of all, I have no disagreement with the fact that end of life care for baby boomers is a huge expense that is unsupported by the number of babies we’ve had. No contest.
Secondly, I am in full agreement that a responsible immigration policy will help to offset the childbirth deficit. I’m fully in favour of a responsible immigration policy.
Third, racism is a fact. It has always been a fact. What is being called racism in this discussion, is not necessarily so.
The immigration problem that has resulted in labelling people as xenophobic, Islamophobic, redneck, hateful and as subscribing to a radical right-wing ideology, is the irresponsible immigration policy introduced during the federal election campaign, and continuing today.
It is the irresponsibility of our new Liberal government that has people so worked up.
The open doors policy, that favours inadequately vetted refugees has caused the anger. It is not uncompassionate to say that, nor is it racist, or any of those other derogatory names.
All nations have borders. All nations have immigration policies.
Sovereign Nations have a right to perform due diligence before allowing unknown people to enter their country. Their citizens expect that. Our citizens expect that.
Justin Trudeau has unilaterally decided that these matters of national security are unimportant.
That is why we are in an uproar. That is the point of the discussion.
Let’s not muddy the waters by labelling one another. Rather, let’s have a rational discussion about national security in the context of immigration policy.
Mike Bertin
    Big Valley, Alberta

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