Nasty little gremlins

I have always had a very bad habit of starting things and not finishing them.
I always blamed myself for this, telling myself it was because I was just too lazy to do the work.
Lately I have realized that laziness did not have anything to do with it.  The real cause was Gremlins.
Yes, Gremlins, little monsters of doubt that would jump up on my shoulder and whisper words of doubt and deception into my ear.
They would say things like “ Wow, what a stupid idea.” Or “You can’t do that, you don’t know how to do that.”, and all sorts of negative things like that.
They are most successful when I try and write a story.  I will get part way through it and suddenly I am hearing things like “that is such a stupid story, everyone will think it is so lame and stupid.”
This will be so insistent that I usually give up and let the Gremlins win.
Another time that they attack is when I am knitting.  Knitting is the only crafty type of thing that I like to do and when it is going well can be very relaxing for me.
I have two sweaters hanging in my closet that prove to me that I can win that battle with the Gremlins, but they don’t give up.
I recently cleaned out my storage space and found three unfinished sweaters. The nasty little Gremlins had won those battles.
Last fall I found a pattern for a cardigan sweater that I really like and decided to make it.
It was coming along very nicely when I looked ahead in the instructions and saw that they wanted me to finish it off in a way that I had never done before.
Instantly the little Gremlin was there, telling me not to waste any more time on it. I ignored it and kept on, but when I got to the finishing part I was really stumped.
The Gremlin was just starting to give me it’s “I told you” sneer when I had an idea. U Tube!
I found a few videos that clearly and simply showed me how to do what I needed to do, and I now have a very nice sweater and I might even make one for my daughter.
HAH! Take that and shove it, you nasty little Gremlin!!
I am going to fight those little Gremlins a lot harder in the future to win a lot more battles.  I am not going to let those nasty little monsters take away my chance to feel the pride of accomplishment.
I might even finish a story.

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