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Dear Editor,

The wisest man to ever have lived wrote:” Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18).

Does this explain the mess in which we find our province and nation? MLA and MP hopefuls envision themselves being given their promised Cabinet post, while our current Prime Minister envisions the adoration of fans who will be overwhelmed by his charisma – while being unaware of his manipulation of the law for his own ends.

However, further investigation of the word “vision” reveals another meaning: that of having “discernment and foresight”. Webster’s defines insight as “the act of understanding and seeing a situation, the immediate and clear learning that takes place without recourse to overt trial-and-error behaviour”.

Now we have another character trait to look for in a representative. Insight requires a serious thinker – someone who has studied and lived our political history, someone who has observed our successes and learned from them.

We need someone with a vision for a better way forward that does not repeat the mistakes of the past.

We need someone who understands our Alberta heritage of freedom, hard work, fiscal responsibility, and balanced respect for the environment.

Only when this insight is coupled with integrity, wisdom, and courage will we have a qualified person who will truly represent constituents with respect.

My vote will go to an Independent who has the courage to step away from the party games and be free to represent us on every issue.


Pat Holloway,

Castor, Ab.

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