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I don’t think I would want to be a boss. There is just too much stress in that job for me. The boss is the one who has to pay all the bills, keep the staff happy, haggle with the suppliers and make sure the customer or client gets what he wants.
Yes, he does all this to make a profit and provide for his family, but he knows that his profit also has to let his employees provide for their families as well.
The boss is the one who hires the employees and that can be easier said than done.  The boss has to find the person who can do the job and will work well with the rest of the staff, because if her staff can’t work together then she knows she will be spending a lot of time playing referee. Then just when she has everyone working together smoothly, someone will leave and she has to start all over again.
It can’t be easy to fire someone either. Okay, maybe if that someone is a trouble maker and makes everyone’s life miserable it wouldn’t be that hard; but what about having to let a good employee go because business is down and you just can’t afford to keep him on? That would be really hard to do, but the boss has to do that sometimes.
There are good bosses and bad ones out there. I am sure we will experience some of each in our lifetime. We need to appreciate the good ones, because they are the ones we will learn the most from. As for the bad ones, well maybe they can learn from a good employee.
My favorite boss was a man who encouraged us to think of news ways to do our job better. When we went to him with an idea he would listen carefully and if he liked it he would give an enthusiastic “go for it” and if he didn’t think the idea would work he would explain why.
The best boss isn’t always the one that pays the most either. My husband’s favorite boss didn’t pay as much as the bigger companies could, but this man would take the time to come out to the worksite to tell my husband “Good job, well done.” He would come home happy knowing that the work he did was appreciated.
Do we ever stop and think that maybe the boss would like to know that his work was appreciated too? I bet he would, so make his day a happy one, say “good job, well done” or even a simple ‘thank you’ would do it.

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