Nana’s Blog: It takes a lot of years to get to be a nana

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My oldest granddaughter is turning 25 this August. She is very upset about this as she thinks it means she is ‘getting old’.

When I laughed at her and asked her what she thought I was if age 25 was ‘getting old’?

She tells me that is not the same because a nana is supposed to be old.

She might have a point there, but then it does take a lot of years to get to be a nana.

I remember when I was 25 and thought my grandma was so old. I never thought about when I would be her age. Now that I am her age I find myself saying and thinking things that remind me very much of her

Things like, “that’s a horrible price for that”, or “That chocolate bar is half the size it used to be”, and “why can’t those young people pull their pants up and were clothes that fit?”.

When I see a young person with an arm or neck covered in tattoos I can just hear my grandmother asking why would they do a dumb thing like that? I just wonder if they ever think about what it will look like when their skin is old and wrinkled.

Young people think that their bodies will always be firm and smooth.

In my younger days if a grandmother had a strong firm body it was because she was still working hard every day.

Now it usually means she goes to a gym and works out.

Grandmothers of today have a lot in common with the grandmothers of yesterday; but we are also different in many ways.

Today putting colour in that snow-white hair is very common even colours like pink and blue.

Our everyday outfit is more likely to be jeans and a T-shirt than a dress and apron.

Many are still out working in their chosen careers.

Those careers can be anything from doctors to semi-truck drivers. Modern society gives us so many more choices. We aren’t expected to sit home knitting and baking cookies.

I do knit but it takes me about a year to get a sweater made.

With all these labour-saving devices and appliances you would think we would have tons of time on our hands to do things like knitting.

The problem is that technology has given us so many other things to keep busy with.

It all makes me wonder what my granddaughter will be like as a grandmother. I know one thing that will be the same; that special love a grandparent has for a grandchild will always be there.

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