My take on pipelines carrying Alberta oil

Dear Editor:

As I am the Mayor of a small town near the beginning of many pipelines that carry oil across North America and to the world, these are my thoughts.
The blockade of oil pipelines is a human rights issue more so that it is a wealth or environmental issue.
These are factors to be considered.
The people including Elizabeth May and BC Premier Hogan and the Federal government who are blockading these pipelines need to be charged with criminal human rights violations, and here is why.
Alberta bitumen, oil and gas are some of the most diverse and sought-after resources available in the world. It has a great many properties when refined.
As well, it used to be one of the most stable supplies available, not subject to dictators, war and unrest in a country.
Also, it has one of the highest standards of safety, environmental compliance and human rights production.
Alberta oil has allowed Canada to do some of the most extensive research in the medical field as well as engineering, education and research into alternative energy sources.
So, what gives these people in Canada the right to deny people around the world of a resource that can not only improve the quality of life but is a basic essential to maintain life.
Oil and gas products are used to make plastic pipe that transfers clean safe drinking water and removes bacteria laden waste in communities.
Pharmaceuticals are made from this resource to combat many deadly diseases and viruses. A viable and clean source of energy that can be used to cook and process food in a safe and economical process.
Fertilizers that can be used to increase production of food to combat hunger, and these are but a few uses.
So, I say again what gives these people the right to hoard a resource that these people need? This is denial of basic human rights.
As an example, if parents deny their children safe drinking water, safe food, access to medical attention and an education, they would be charged and jailed.
In closing I ask those people in the blockades think of other people and not just yourself.

Bill Rock
Mayor, Village of Amisk, Ab.

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