Mutual Aid Group sharing resources

Wade Kroening, Operations Manager for Flint Hills Resources and Kevin Hayes, Area Manager for Gibson Energy Inc. attended the Tues. Oct. 9 council meeting to inform council of a Mutual Aid Agreement between large oil patch players.

The agreement was made between Flint Hills Resources, Gibson Energy Inc., Husky Oil, Enbridge, TransCanada, Plains and Interpipeline.

They explained the vision of these petroleum-based companies was about involving the Hardisty Mutual Aid Group (HMAG) to ensure people, the environment and property are well looked after if an emergency situation should occur.

“It gives us a broad base of resources and equipment,” stated Kroening.

Kroening went on to say that some incidents may require more manpower or extended time periods to deal with emergencies and it will be a benefit having the HMAG working together and communicating on the same level.

The HMAG plans on participating in tabletop exercises and live exercises that will deal with different types of scenarios that could happen in the daily operations of the companies and will extend an invitation to the Town of Hardisty employees to attend these sessions.

Parkland Regional Library budget approved

Council approved the proposed 2019 Parkland Regional Library (PRL) budget of an increase of 1.6 per cent changing the per capita contribution from $8.12 to $8.25.

PRL uses the most recent population figures provided by Municipal Affairs which is from 2016.

Hardisty had a population of 554 then which will make their 2019 contribution $4,570.50 and due to a decrease in population figures, this is approximately a 12 per cent decrease from the 2018 contribution of $5,188.

Columbarium request accepted

Nelson Granite’s proposal for delivering and installing an 84-inch columbarium at the Hardisty Cemetery for $27,460 plus tax was approved.

A columbarium is a room or building with niches for funeral urns to be stored.

Approval of a $2,540 contingency was also given so that the Hardisty Cemetery Advisory Committee may include engraving or a plaque recognition for donations.

Need for better cell service

Coun. Connie Beringer presented council with a written report of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting she attended on Sept. 18 at the Flagstaff County Office in Sedgewick.

Sgt. Colin Molinksi, the new Commander of the Killam RCMP Detachment, was introduced at the meeting. He previously was stationed in Regina.

A topic of concern brought up at the CAC meeting was the cell service in communities such as Amisk and Hardisty.

Beringer suggested that lobbying to TELUS is needed for improvement as it is a safety concern.

Council reports

Council debated the pros and cons of using Calcium Chloride on a few of the roads around Hardisty and brainstormed different ideas that may be used for road repair and maintenance.

Calcium Chloride can be used as a dust suppressant on roads as it retains moisture for prolonged periods and this helps to hold down dust and stabilize unpaved road surfaces creating a smoother road.

The chemical also melts ice faster than many other de-icing products, and unlike sand, it can be applied before bad weather hits, preventing ice before it forms.

However, there are potential costs to vehicles as the Calcium Chloride can cling to the underbody of vehicles causing corrosion.


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