Must continue the spirit

Dear Editor,

There is a lot in the news about finding cemeteries and unmarked graves from 40 or more years ago.

These sites were there since the first people we buried there.

I am sad to hear and have a concern of the feedback coming from some of the relatives and friends saying they have just found them.

My concern is why have these relatives and friends not looked after these cemeteries and graves since the people were buried there?

Some of the history you hear is sad and disappointing and I am sorry, however, every story has two or more sides which might be interesting to hear.

There are any cemeteries and grave sites in the rural areas that were started by homesteaders because of need and most are kept up by relatives, friends and neighbours.

To our great-grandparents and grandparents whose pioneering spirit gave us a better way of life and helped to where we are today, the parents who maintained that spirit, they gave their today for our tomorrow.

It is up to us to continue the spirit.

History is the story of people, of their love, honour, faith, hope, suffering, birth, death, of hunger, thirst, cold, loneliness and sorrow.

Schools used to be cheap and efficient, they were small but none-the-less did the job.

They educated people that could win two world wars, survive a depression and build a prosperous country.

Most did not have a high education but they did a good job and gave respect.

To be an RCMP officer or working in law enforcement of some kind today is a difficult job.

If they do something it seems wrong and if they do not, it also seems wrong.

People are asking to hold the police accountable.

I believe the courts should hold the criminals accountable.

There was a time when police were respected, newborns were treasured and veterans were revered. What has happened?

Back in my day, we earned the rips and holes in our jeans, we did not buy them that way.

Companies are bragging about making plants taste like meat. Cows have been doing that forever!

According to a researcher from Texas A&M University, grass-fed beef is no more healthier than regular.

There is no such thing as hormone-free beef – all animals produce hormones naturally regardless of how they are raised.

Megacorporations and activists want us to believe ultra-processed supplements and fake foods can replace meat, milk and eggs. They are wrong. Meat, milk and eggs are essential for everyone’s health. They are affordable and nutritious.

With our communities and some organizations losing members and business we, the people, should consider 10 two-letter words – “If it is to be it is up to me”.


Phil Dietz

Castor, Alta.

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