Music Recital

The choir led by Ashlyn Faber performed at the Music Recital held Thurs. Apr. 27 at Brownfield.  From the left, back row: Sam Richardson, Isaiah Grice, Mya Cole, Layton Huber, Caleb Webber. middle Row:  Shea Faber, Sandra Bursikova, Larrissa Huber, Sierra Newman, Aislyn Holland, Micaiah Webber, Bethany Holland, Gwen Richardson and front row: Seth Faber, Ava Webber, Alaia Grice, David Bursik, Hadley Faber, Elsie Webber.

Sam Richardson plays ‘Star Wars’.

Tegan Younger, daughter of Rob and Shiana of Brownfield, plays ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ on the fiddle.

Caleb Webber playing ‘How Great Thou Art”

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