Music is medicine for the soul

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I love music. I can’t play a musical instrument of any kind, and couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, but I love music. I am a child of the sixties so that is my favourite kind of music but I like music of all kinds.

My mother even got us listening to classical music when we were teenagers.

She had the bright idea that a good way to get us out of bed on the weekends would be to play her classical music very loud.

That worked for a few weekends until we discovered that classical music was not so bad after all and we would just lay there and enjoy it.

Next she tried opera music and that worked for me, as I never could like that stuff so I would get out of bed quickly.

Music is good for you.  Studies have proven this fact. Music has even been found to make cows give more milk, it can calm angry animals  and all sorts of things.

One study even showed that listening to the music of our youth will allow us to live longer. If that is true then I will live for a long, long time.

My granddaughter showed me how to put all of my old music onto my phone so now I can pop it onto the base and listen to it everyday while I do housework.

My dog is not too sure about this as it seems to make his human do some silly things.
He is okay with it in the house but in the confined space of a vehicle it can get him very worried, especially when ‘the song’ comes on the radio.

You know that song that you just have to turn up full blast so that you can sing full blast. Yeah, that one gets him very worried and I seem to have a lot of those songs.

Music can lift my spirits and make me happy when I am sad.  It can also give me energy or calm me down when that is needed.

I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t have music in my life.

I am very envious of those talented people who can make music because they can have music all of the time. I am also very grateful that they share their talents with the rest of the world.

I think music is good medicine for the soul and believe we all need a good strong dose of it everyday.

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