Municipal Stimulus Program gives $50,000 to Elnora for various repairs

Written by Terri Huxley

It was confirmed Elnora will be receiving $50,000 as part of their annual Municipal Stimulus Program (MSP) provided by the Government of Alberta.

Elnora in particular will get $30,000 for sidewalk repairs, $10,000 for asphalt patching, and an additional $10,000 for fencing around the public works shop.

This money was given after Tamara Sloboda, the consultant who the village hired to fill out grant applications followed through and was able to have these projects approved.

Although it was approved, the village couldn’t take action on these projects as the snow had fallen, pushing them to 2021.

2021 levy paid

Council agreed to pay the 2021 levy to Parkland Foundation/Bethany Group for $419 as part of their annual requisition amount.

Council oversees any big decisions on the local senior’s home as well under a separate committee dedicated to determining finances and future direction.

Mayor Leah Nelson agreed to see if the group had community information available for posting on the village website as well.

Strategic Plan

Funded by the Economic Development Reserve, Elnora’s strategic plan allocation from the economic development funds for $3,636.77 was approved.

This funding was transferred over to allow the new strategic plan to take flight as the old economic development committee recently disbanded, leaving this money set aside.

Administration felt it would be best used for the strategic plant.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sharon Wesgate will follow up with Tamara Slaboda to determine a timeline to build their plan as this is their first run at it as the main supervisors.

Sloboda also helped the village with their MSP application and water/wastewater application both of which were successful.

CAO Wesgate shared that Sloboda’s efficiency and municipal background made her a top candidate for this job as well as strategic plans are what drives budgets and long-range planning.

MLA questions

Council inquired about some questions they had asked MLA Devin Dreeshan during his last visit a couple of months ago.

He asked council for their thoughts and ideas on what issues they have locally.

One question councillors asked about was what the individual cost of each COVID-19 test for taxpayers was.

The CAO has a list of what was discussed at the meeting, making the contact process simple to receive some of these answers.

MOST grant

A few defoggers, a device used to disinfect an area quickly and efficiently, for various village non-profits have been approved after looking at what the village can use the money from the Municipal Operating Support Transfer (MOST) grant.

Cleaning product will be purchased on top of this as only purchasing the devices themselves would be rendered useless.

“As soon as it hits, it’s effective,” said CAO Wesgate.

As they purchased a large volume of the spray for the defogger to last for some time, they anticipate a discount.

The village also used some of this money for masks, hand sanitizers, screens and so on.


Terri Huxley

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