Municipal Affairs observes council meeting

Two representatives from Municipal Affairs informed Morrin councillors they were present to observe, at their regular meeting on Wed. Aug. 15.

They explained that with all the changes in the amended Municipal Government Act (MGA) last fall, they were given a mandate to visit all villages and towns in Alberta every four years to assure Municipal Affairs that the MGA was being followed.

Municipal Affairs will provide a full report to council and the public following attendance at the meeting and spending time in the office the following morning with Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner.

After getting confirmation from the two representatives that they would only need a couple minutes during the meeting to explain their presence and possibly answer a couple questions, council unanimously passed a motion to approve the amended agenda that would include the delegation request which was previously denied by CAO Plachner.

According to Mayor Howard Helton in an interview following the meeting, Endeavor Chartered Accountants presentation of the 2017 Financial Statements had been put off again because, according to CAO Plachner, Municipal Affairs would take up too much time at the August meeting.

The Financial Statements are usually presented prior to approval of the budget, however, it was put off until a water audit was received, according to the CAO.

The 2017 Financial Statements will be brought forward at the next meeting, Wed. Sept 19.

The agenda with the 10-minute delegation, the perusal and approval of the accounts payable, council concerns, council reports and the delegation, John Siemens, took up only one half-hour to 7:30 p.m.

Siemens raised issues he has with the village as per the Procedural Bylaw #352 in regards to misinformation, made up rules, and not following the Municipal Affairs Act by the village employee.

An hour and a half incamera for legal and personnel ensued and was followed by two motions. A unanimous decision was made to camera the sewer lines as requested by the Village’s insurance company.

A further unanimous decision was made that directed Mayor Helton to provide a performance review letter to the CAO.

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