Mulcair on Keystone XL

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You listen to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair talk about the Keystone XL pipeline and it makes you wonder if he is living in the real world. I don’t think he has a clue what makes the economy of this country work. Of course, the majority of socialists do not understand the principal of wealth creation. They think all you have to do is tax big corporations to fund government social programs and increase wages and benefits for their union supporters. It doesn’t occur to them that corporations have to make a profit or they would have no money to be taxed.
Last week Mr. Mulcair went to Washington and basically bad mouthed the Keystone XL pipeline to US legislators. Shipping our oil to the US was going to be bad for the climate. He did say however that if it was refined and consumed in Canada it would not be an environmental problem. It is okay to burn fossil fuels at home but if we export them we will contribute to global warming.
Go figure! He thinks that the oil should be upgraded in Canada to create more jobs in Canada, 40,000 jobs by his estimate. While that may be true, he doesn’t tell us who will put up the 15 or 20 billion dollars to build the refinery or where the market is for the refined product or how the refined product will get to it’s final market. Heaven forbid that it would still require a pipeline!
He tried to use the global warming argument to justify his trip. He said that Canada is the only country to withdraw from Kyoto. He stated that Canada can not  meet the Copenhagan Green House Emission targets due to the oil sands. To the best of my knowledge Canada did not agree to anything in Copenhagan.
He also stated that “global warming is a real issue and that we’ve got to start taking this seriously”.
The last time I checked average global temperatures had not increased in the past 15 years. I recently learned that a Swedish researcher figured out that as CO2 levels in the atmosphere have increased, world average temperatures have decreased. So much for CO2 causing global warming. This global warming, climate change, call it what you want phenomenon has become a cult with environmentalists. They call us deniers of global warming. In fact it is they who are denying the real science. However I digress.
The National Post reported that in a speech to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Thomas Mulcair said that “the NDP will be a partner with the development of energy resources. We will be there with you.” The paper went on to say “and he means it. So long as the oil industry doesn’t want to actually extract any petroleum and then export it to foreign markets in exchange for billions of dollars. That is totally unacceptable.” Evidently he is all in favour of the oil industry as long as it doesn’t actually extract product from the oil sands. How much sense does that make?
It is okay to criticize the government on any issue or policy here at home. It is quite another matter to go to a foreign country to criticize Government of Canada policy. Government policy in Canada is developed through a democratic process that Mr. Mulcair is a part of. The fact that he doesn’t agree with Canadian energy policy is beside the point. As an MP and the leader of the opposition he pledged allegiance to Canada. He should, therefore when abroad, promote the policies that were agreed to by the Canadian Government. In my mind the fact that he went to a foreign country to undermine Canadian energy policy was a treasonous act. I think the leader of the official Canadian opposition is a disgrace to the country. God help us if he ever becomes the Prime Minister of Canada.
Herman Schwenk
Coronation, AB

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