Much anticipated Alix, Ab. Municipal Inspection Report released to public

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Residents lined up in anticipation of hearing the results of the Municipal Inspection Report Wed. Sept. 13 at the Alix Community Centre, completed by Municipal Affairs as a result of a petition by residents of Alix. Ab. ECA Review/J.Webster

Approximately 135 members of the public were on hand to hear the results of the Village of Alix Municipal Inspection Report on Wed. Sept. 13 at the Alix Community Hall.
Coral Murphy of Municipal Affairs delivered on behalf of Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs, a Ministerial Order to the Village of Alix to carry out two directives as a result of finding the village to be managed in an improvident manner (not having or showing foresight; spendthrift or thoughtless.).
The village must provide the minister with a copy of the borrowing bylaw which authorized the Moonwalkers lease and the details regarding how the borrowing bylaw was advertised.
The village must also hire a qualified accounting firm to undertake review of the Moonwalkers lease for the purpose of reviewing and recalculating the village’s 2016 total debt service and provide the Minister of Municipal Affairs with the accounting firms’ report.
The village must also provide printed copies of the report, on request, subject to the municipality’s fees for photocopying.
The village has until Oct. 10, 2017 to comply with these Directives.
Copies of the Municipal Inspection Report were provided at the public meeting however, according to the Ian McCormack, the inspector who presented the report, they underestimated the attendance.
Copies are also available online.
The 129 page report also outlined 52 recommendations as guidance suggestions to steer council addressing such items as lack of transparency.
The handling of the lease agreement with Potluck Cafe and the leasehold improvements, the easement between two businesses and the campground contract for 2017 were all found to have been handled appropriately.
In-cameras, pecuniary interest, public to vacate building during in-camera sessions, resolution clarity improved through Requests For Decision (RFD) from the CAO as part of meeting packages, that are also made available to the public were some of the many recommendations made.

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