Much ado about sport at the Coronation Town Council meeting

Barry Brigley began the Town of Coronation Council meeting on Monday, February 10 with his recreation report, indicating that curling was in full swing with the farmers bonspiel beginning February 11 and running all week. He outlined a busy few months in advance, noting a three-day bowling tourney from February 21-23 and reiterating that March 21-23 was the Midget Hockey Provincials. Brigley said the tournament would see Coronation hosting eight teams and prompted Council to send anyone inquiring of volunteering that weekend to contact him.

Brigley also divulged that M&N Construction and Coronation Industrial Sales had donated the Midget uniforms.

Brigley also informed Council that the arena board received a $14,000 grant from BFI and Paintearth Waste Management for purchase of a new zamboni and renovations are in process of installing a new sound system to be operative in time for the Provincials.

Public works

Allan Smith followed with the public works report by noting that they finally ‘bit the bullet’ and got the christmas lights down February 10. He mentioned the new gravel truck working out well, indicating it’s usage sped up the snow removal process substantially.

He indicated the sand pile was getting down quite a bit and didn’t know if they would make it through the winter but noted that if short, they could get some gravel from Lamontagne’s.

He indicated he’d received quotes on LED lights for the Coronation crown at the entrance to town, which had come around $900 to get redone, not including labour costs to put them on. Motion to let him order lights was passed.

Councillor Liz Adams inquired if something could be done to reduce ice in the curling rink and skating rink parking lots.

“It’s horrible,” she said. She noted the ice was thick and potentially dangerous, especially with increased usage on the horizon with the tournaments upcoming. Allan said he would look into it.

Waste collection

Regarding waste collection, it was noted that two proposals were received.

CanPak and Greenslade were discussed at length as the two options, with CanPak’s offer appearing optimal to Council due to the offer of weekly or semi-weekly recycling services. CanPak offers hand-pick residential waste collection, which it was noted is akin to the service BFI offered during their tenure with the Town.

The same garbage collection terms were also offered by CanPak, such as a five bag limit, and the recycling option could allow for alternate day recycling collection.

“I think it’s awesome and it will take a lot of garbage out of the landfill,” noted Councillor Vicki Horkoff. CAO Kulyk noted that their recycling process is about 97 per cent true recycling, with only about three per cent going to waste. “Which is phenomenal when you think about it,” she said.

Motion to negotiate a three-year contract with CanPak Environmental for solid waste and recycling collection was carried.

Sewer backup

Council discussed a claim for damages regarding a sewer backup at 4439 Park Crescent on January 14. The individual rented a sewer snake to unclog the affected line, which became clogged again and a plumber was called to look at the blockage. After some investigation it was determined that a portion of the main was collapsed under the road, which would have to be repaired in the spring. As the cause of the issue was located on town property, it was asked that the town reimburse the individual involved.

CAO Kulyk noted damages was a misleading word, indicating the claim was not really for damages so to speak, just out of pocket costs for plumbing.  She indicated that if a sewer backup was on town property the town will reimburse, noting this was effectively an unwritten policy and therefore each instance was to be brought to council each time. She noted she was hoping to write a policy on this and ultimately motion to reimburse was carried.

Recording devices

The use of electronic recording devices by members of the media was discussed in Council. A procedural bylaw was amended to include prohibiting electronic audio, video or photographic recording during council meetings except by resolution of council. It was discussed that recordings and photographs on the internet could be used liberally and without proper context, which was undesirable to members of council. It was discussed that sometimes photos are optimal, so at that time prearranged photo ops could be organized.


Council noted that auditors are in town this week and indicated it was going well, as opposed to last year when the audit was occurring the same time as the municipal inspection report.


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