MSP $50,000 grant approved

Village of Elnora has received approval for $50,000 Municipal Stimulus Program (MSP) towards sidewalk repairs, asphalt patching and public works sit fencing council learned at their Dec. 8 regular council meeting.

Consultant Tamara Sloboda has been contracted by the village to help with a few projects including obtaining grants. 

One of the areas she helped with was the Municipal Stimulus Program (MSP). The consultation fee of $5,207.35 was paid to Sloboda for her services.

Council passed a motion to contract Sloboda to undertake an Alberta Municipal water/wastewater partnership grant for the pumphouse project which is costing around $2,519,077.

Internet support letter

Council passed a motion to support Valo Networks in their pursuit of bringing broadband to rural areas with a letter.

The universal broadband fund rapid response stream is a grant that can support this endeavour to bring better, more reliable internet to rural Canada.

Both residents and business owners within Elnora have found the internet to be ‘an inconvenience at best and a deterrent to economic growth at worst’.

Skid steer trade-in

Council accepted a quote from Brandt to trade in their current skid steer at $5,900 for a 2021 model with condition that a one-year-newer model be made available annually in the future as per their agreement.

Public Works Foreman Rod Rintoul confirmed the village has historically put approximately 300 hours annually on the skid steers. At a rental rate of $40.00/hr, the cost would be $12,000 annually.

Through Brandt, they offered a 2021 John Deere 330G skid steer at a price of $76,900.

Bobcat, New Holland and John Deer also applied.

Regional waste commission budget

Council accepted the Central Alberta Waste Management Commission’s three year budget.

The village of Elnora provides a requisition of 1.3 per cent in revenue for the commission equal to $679.90 for 2020 with the projected amount rising to $796.64 in 2022 and then $798.33 in 2023.

Expenses the commission uses this on is administrative fees, weed control, audit fees, board fees and mileage, insurance, landfill leases, geotechnical services and repairs and maintenance.

The commission is made up of the communities of innisfail, Bowden, Red Deer County, Penhold, Delburne and Elnora.

MOST Grant

The province has implemented a new grant municipalities can access to help pay for items or services themselves that the COVID-19 pandemic has added.

A motion was passed to have Elnora purchase foggers (a type of dispenser) and disinfectant products for village non-profit organizations using $12,804 in Municipal Operating Support Transfer (MOST) funding.

A second motion was carried to have the village purchase a laptop and microphone for the office at a cost of $1665.51 in MOST dollars.

Speed monitor repair quote

A speed monitor which was damaged earlier this year has been given a price tag to fix it.

A motion was made and passed to pay the freight cost of $53 and have the repairs be done under an existing warranty.

Tree, bin rental summary

Council was presented with 2020’s summary of tree branch removal and bin rental costs.

It was suggested a chipper/shredder can be purchased for $6,500 which the village can then sell the mulch to cover the annual cost of chipping up tree branches at $2,650.

Council accepted the summary as information.

Fire hall inspected

An occupational health and safety code inspection was done on Elnora’s fire hall.

Red Deer County Deputy Fire Chief Ivan Dijkstra  found the ceiling by the heating unit has sustained ‘significant’ water damage and that some mold has started to form around the leak.

This leak was also noticed during a preventative maintenance check for all heating and ventilation equipment there.

The village owns this building so Dijkstra asked to have public works inspect and repair the damage or allow the county to help.

Dijkstra shared that all the equipment aside from the hot water tank was in relatively good condition.

The hot water tank was noted to be in fair condition and is now nearing its end of functional use.


Terri Huxley

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