Moving forward as a regional entity

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandra Kulyk, in her written report to Coronation town council at their regular meeting on April 10 , reported on the Housing Authority meeting with Loretta Bertol and Valeria Puttick, Housing Advisors on April 4.
The next steps will include the  Coronation Seniors Manors Board and the Paintearth Lodge Board forming a Steering Committee to determine the governance structure and operating framework  that would be recommended for a new regional board as well as a recommendation for a single Ministerial Order to replace the two.
These recommendations will then come back to the member municipalities for approval.
Bertol emphasized the importance of moving forward as a regional entity as the province is looking very favourably at regional partnerships.

Promoting wellness
Coronation town council will look into promoting wellness among their staff.
CAO Sandra Kulyk was instructed to come up with a draft policy for a “wellness spending account” for employees for $300 per year.
It could be a membership to the fitness centre, sports league membership, personal trainer, fitness equipment, and or instruction,  weight management program or smoking cessation aids.

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