Most inopportune time

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Dear Editor,

For those who like to unleash their venom against Premier Kenny, in my opinion, will not be content until Alberta is shuttered from industry and development and is transformed into an enormous park governed by the United Nations (UN). 

There would be no jobs in Alberta except for the wardens who would make sure you did not disturb a leaf or a snail that was under the protection of the Magi of the UN. 

That would be the only employment in Alberta as there would be no development of coal, natural gas and oil.

Having no access to energy other than solar and wind, agriculture would revert to true horsepower, alas unlike cows which burb instead of fart, horses do pass gas. 

The people who would come to Alberta to gaze on our undeveloped scenery would have to travel here from elsewhere where they have employment, hopefully by electric vehicles powered by good intentions or Trudeau pixie dust. 

The area that was to be developed as coal mines was so small as to be insignificant, like the oil sands mines. 

I have been to the oil sands and when you are there it seems enormous but I challenge you to go on Google Earth and find the mines without referencing Fort McMurray. 

I believe God does not make mistakes. I believe He put the oil, gas and coal in the earth for human to extract and use. 

I believe he wants us to do this in a responsible manner and I believe there is no one better equipped than Albertans to do so. 

Premier Kenny stepped into governing Alberta at an inopportune time, as in the election of a prime minister who will prove to be the most incompetent in Canada’s history, as well as, (the most antagonistic to Alberta) the election of a US President who history will show his incompetence will rival our Prime Minister.

And to top it off, a virus that 50 per cent of Albertans believe the Premier is not doing enough to combat, and 50 per cent who believe he is doing too much. 

I pray that God will give him the wisdom of Solomon. He needs it.


Gord Snell

Three Hills, Alta.

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