MOST Grant divvied up

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Youngstown village council divided up the rest of their MOST (Municipal Operating Systems Transfer) grant from the provincial government in light of COVID-19.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Emma Garlock suggested at the March 2 meeting that the remaining funding of approximately $3,500 should go towards a laptop or two for councillor use as many meetings are now online and it falls under the grant requirements.

Laptops were purchased at the beginning of the year for the CAO and public works foreman under this grant as well as cleaning supplies.

Mayor Robert Blagen and Coun. Deb McLaughlin often share a computer screen in the office where wifi can be used during meetings.

Coun. McLaughlin also uses her personal tablet for other councillor duties.

Council was in favour of purchasing one laptop at approximately $1,500 from a local company.

“A bigger screen would be nice. It always seems like we are sitting forward,” said Coun. McLaughlin.

The remaining funds will be allocated to village staff wages due to the extra meetings they have been attending in light of the pandemic.

Bylaw passed

Youngstown’s land use bylaw has officially been updated thanks to Palliser Regional Municipal Services who designed and gave it a new look.

Some portions were updated including the use of a few diagrams to illustrate some of the current restrictions.

Devon Diano and Levi Hayworth of Palliser attended the latest meeting to give any education needed to the public and council if needed.

No one attended the meeting and no letters were received.

Council passed second and third reading of the bylaw.

The last time this bylaw was updated it was said to be the early 90s.

“We brought it into the 21st century,” said Hayworth.

Recreation board allocations

The Youngstown Recreation Board met Feb. 17 to approve some local grants.

A total of $52,500 was allocated.

Council was required to also accept the grant allocations which they did.

Approved grants include $37,500 to the Youngstown Community Centre for utilities, insurance, a table and dolly, lockable lockers and rent for basketball.

An additional $3,000 was given to the library for books and DVDs.

The Friends of Youngstown School were given $12,000 towards the inclusive playground.

Action items passed

It is required that the Fire Quality Management Plan policy is reviewed annually to ensure it is up to date.

Special Areas Fire Chief and Fire Safety Codes Officer Glen Durand went over the document before updating and accepting it.

Council also approved it.

Council also approved keeping Roxzana McNiven of Roxzana McNiven Professional Accounting to continue as the financial auditor for the 2021 year.

“We have a great working relationship. She knows our history,” said CAO Garlock.


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