Morrin raises water rates

Citizens of Morrin can expect an increase in their water bill due rising water costs.
Council approved a motion to raise the monthly water rate by five dollars during their regular council meeting on May 16.
According to Chief Adminstrative Officer, Annette Plachner, water rates have not increased in Morrin for a few years.
While the village experiences annual increases from the water authority, the monthly rate charged to citizens has covered the village water bill until recently.
The Starland Water Authority supplies potable water from the Town of Drumheller to the Village of Morrin.
The five dollar increase would net approximately $7,000 a year.
Council agreed that this increase was necessary to bring the village out of the deficit position.
Residents will receive notice of the increase with the May water bill, giving them two months before the new rate comes into effect.

Special meeting
The Village of Morrin will hold their budget deliberations at a special meeting to be held on Wed. May 30.
According to CAO Plachner, the budget is pretty much set up.
Mayor Howard Helton hopes to discuss the village’s wish list, gleaning information from public opinion.

Linda Stillinger
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