Morrin couple still using porta-potty

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Dear Editor,

We would like to share with you the latest news with regard to our attempt to have the Village of Morrin provide us with a reliable sewer line. 

There was no response from the Village since before Christmas when we approached the new council.  

Contact between our lawyers began again about a week ago.  At this time the Village called us liars in our claim that we have had to use a porta-potti since May 26, 2021 citing that according to several neighbours we had not been using the portable.  

When we established that indeed we have been using said potti they now state that in their view it is a slight obstruction in our lateral sewer line and they will not do anything until spring and at that time will do another camera inspection.  

No offer to help with a temporary solution!

In addition they state that nine residents have problems with one being a family of six and those residents don’t want the street disturbed unless necessary.

What has this to do with the fact that our sewer line has a 24 foot sag filled with water with two significant obstructions which show in the previous camera scan to take up approximately 75 per cent of the pipe diameter?  

One of these obstructions is before the sag and the other just past the sag.  This is the reason that precludes us putting any solids (poop or paper) into the line.

The camera that the Village did originally could not get through the second obstruction.  We were never made aware of this by the Village which eventually resulted in a complete blockage and a backup into our basement.

The position of the Village is that we should wait until we have another complete blockage and they would consider something then.  

Most of us know how serious a backup can be!

Bottom line – we cannot risk a possible repeat backup based on the logic that other residents are not having our problems and don’t want the street dug up.  

We respect that view and are happy they are not experiencing any backup problems.  As well, we do not want our street dug up either unless it is necessary.

In closing, we would point out that councils, former and current, prefer to have us deal with lawyers in place of face-to-face discussion.


Howard and Lynn Helton

Morrin, Alta.  

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