Morrin council decision challenged regarding Helton sewer lateral

Dear Editor,

I am writing in sympathy to Howard and Lynn Helton’s plight to have their sewer repaired.  How can the Village of Morrin council,  the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner and the village foreman all agree ‘that Helton’s sewer is just fine’ even though it has what is called in plumbing terms, a 20 ft. belly that is always full of sewage?

Do we have to go back to full flush toilets to keep our laterals free flowing?

Has council taken the time to look at the video of the other four lateral lines on Helton’s street that were repaired to see how the decision was made to avoid repairing the lateral leading to Helton’s property?

It is my belief that the Helton’s lateral is as bad, if not worse, than the others that were repaired.

I went through this same issue on my property and for years I had to take precautions to avoid sewer back up including a lengthy legal battle before my sewer was finally repaired.  The daily stress of having to constantly watch for sewer backup and to tell your visitors that we have a sewer backup problem is very wearing.

The advice from TKNT Plumbing is discouraging to say the least, and the comment made that a lot of the village sewers have this lateral line issue, is not very comforting.

So what are residents to do when you want to sell your property and you have a legal obligation to disclose any knowledge that you have concerning known problems?

Do you think that being forthright with a potential buyer will help sell your home when you say you have a 20 ft. belly in the lateral but it’s okay as long as you have someone standing by the floor drain to watch for sewer backup, and that the Village council won’t take responsibility and repair the lateral?

I would venture a guess that you would either lose a sale or there would have be a substantial price drop in your property value.

Mr. Helton has requested he be able to make a presentation to council so they would understand the issue he and Lynn deal with daily, but his request to make a presentation was flatly refused  by CAO Annette Plachner.

It would be better for the Helton’s and for the Village of Morrin’s public image if this matter was dealt with soon before another sewer backup has to be cleaned up.

John Siemens
Village of Morrin resident

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