Morrin bank closing end of March

Mountain View Financial in Morrin will officially be closing its doors on March 31. Staff members from the left, Carla Meller, Christine Wolf and Josie Westman stand in front of the longstanding branch on Tues. Jan. 28. ECA Review/T.Huxley
Written by Terri Huxley

Mountain View Financial in Morrin will officially be closing its doors on March 31. Staff members from the left, Carla Meller, Christine Wolf and Josie Westman stand in front of the longstanding branch on Tues. Jan. 28. ECA Review/T.Huxley

Come Tues. Mar. 31, Mountain View Financial in Morrin will be closing for good.

The news was confirmed Mon. Jan. 27 when the ECA Review spoke with Stephen Brosinsky, CEO of Mountain View Financial.

“We respect the community and it’s not an easy decision,” said Brosinsky.

The decision came following a hard look at a couple of key issues; one was the overall structural integrity, age and condition of the building which led to customer and staff safety taking priority.

“This was based on several unforeseen issues that have recently come to light about the Morrin building,” said Cameron Levesque, manager of brands and marketing.

“It’s an older building so we also know based on that end combined with member banking behaviours that are continuing to evolve and change since they are using our contact centre more and accessing telephone banking options. They haven’t been coming into the branch nearly as much as they have in the past.”

Brosinsky echoed this statement saying, “It’s unfortunate news for sure,” he said. “It’s not hey we are going to close this. It’s certainly heartfelt and the challenge that we are running into is the condition of the building is really driving the decision behind this.”

Another location in Morrin was not sought after as they did some research into the proximity of the other locations to Morrin combined with member habits which they concluded it ‘wasn’t feasible to keep it open’.

Clients can be assured their records will still be easily accessible online but everyone is encouraged to do their inperson banking at the Delia branch or in Drumheller at the Chinook Financial branch as Mountain View is a part of this division.

“They do stay as a membership under Morrin as that is where they opened it but they can still do their business in Delia and Drumheller. The files will be securely transported over to Delia,” said Levesque.

As for employees, the company is working closely with each one personally on their next steps.

“We are working with everyone specifically to make sure they find a new location and a good home for themselves.  We are having those conversations currently,” said Levesque.


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