More questions than answers

Dear Editor,

Kudos to the ECA Review for its more balanced reporting of the recent Drumheller-Stettler UCP nomination. However, I fail to understand Mr. Pawsey’s logic in blaming the Strankman campaign for “outing” his Facebook posts.

In a three-way race with a preferential ballot, the ones most likely to benefit from that second choice vote would have been himself or Mr. Strankman, the incumbent.

Once the contest became a two-way race and Mr. Pawsey threw his support behind Mr. Horner, it is no surprise that Mr. Horner won.

From our 30-year involvement in federal level Electorial District Associations (EDAs), we have been aware that the old PC boys from Drumheller were never too happy about having a Wildrose MLA.

Add in the shenanigans at the UCP AGM in Hanna and I, for one, have more questions than answers! It looks like the UCP has lost the “United” part, at least in this constituency and is now just the Conservative Party.

Pat Holloway

Castor, Ab.

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