More NDP deception

Here we go again! The Alberta NDP Government is assuming that the citizens of this   province are gullible.
They think that we are too dumb to figure out what they are up to and in many cases they may be right. They have stated that about 60 per cent of Albertans have a low enough income that they will receive a rebate on the carbon tax that they have paid.
On the face of it, this seems like a thoughtful and generous way to help people that are cash strapped.
I would suggest that that is not the motivation for this so called rebate.
In the first place, this is not a rebate. I always figured that a rebate was when you overpaid or were over-charged for something and then were paid back the money that you had overpaid.
That is not what is happening in this situation. I know some of my neighbours have already had money deposited into their bank accounts.
Other than maybe filling up their gas tanks, they haven’t paid any tax yet so how can that money be a rebate?
It is ‘sucker-bate’ that’s what it is!
It has been reported that many people that have left this province have also received payments into their bank accounts.
That is a rebate for what? Good luck on the government getting much of that money back.
I don’t think that many people receiving this windfall will be complaining and that is the deception in this issue.
The idea that this carbon tax was intended to reduce carbon emissions is just a smoke screen. The tax would have to be 10 times as high to actually get people to buy less gas or turn down their thermostats.
This prepaid rebate is designed to do two things, get you hooked on government handouts and redistribute wealth.
When Rachel Notley became the premier of Alberta she hired the most biased and radical left-wing thinkers that were available, mostly from Ontario.
The whole idea was to try and change the culture of how we think in Alberta. Changing the culture of how people think has always been an objective of socialist philosophy.
Lining people’s pockets with carbon tax money is the ideal way  to coerce the population into thinking what a caring and generous government we have here in Alberta!
I think this culture thing goes a lot farther than training the population to be dependent on government.
Socialists do not like capitalism. They like a system where people are dependent on government.
Capitalists are free thinkers and this makes it difficult for governments to impose heavy-handed legislation on the population.
The Alberta Climate Change  Plan is not intended to change the climate. They have to know as well as we do that the climate will change one way or another and it will not change because of what people do.
The plan is intended to change the way we live. I think there is a conspiracy between environmentalists, progressive politicians and the media to change the basic economic structure of this province.
Notley is working as hard as she can to cast in stone her vision of legislation and policy that can’t be repealed by a subsequent government.
Once large subsidized wind farms are constructed and efficient coal fired electric generators are decommissioned it will be very hard for another government to repeal these actions because there will likely be long term contracts associated with this type of infrastructure.
Her deception could very well have Alberta in the same mess as Ontario in a short period of time.
The fact that we will be on our way to be an economic basket case does not seem to be of concern.

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