More measures necessary to promote traffic safety

Written by Brenda Schimke

Delburne village Coun. Cathy Faulk raised concerns about traffic safety at the intersection of 23 Ave. and 20 St. at the regular council meeting on Aug. 16, 2022. The angle parking at Oops Fresh Market is an ongoing concern.

The owner had previously worked with council to encourage customers to park safely. Three spots were designated for small vehicles only and hatch road markings were used to designate a no parking area. These measures haven’t been overly successful.

Council is now proposing concrete barriers replace hatch road markings and a four-way stop be installed at the intersection.

Coun. Jeff Bourne will speak to the owner of Oops Fresh Market before any plans are finalized.

A concern was also expressed about the increased traffic of heavy trucks driving through neighbourhoods and down main street, often over the speed limit.

Approval from Alberta Transportation is required to get a truck route named.
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Karen Fegan was asked to pull together all relevant information to help the council determine the best routes for heavy truck traffic.

Saving medical clinic

Delburne had its first medical clinic opened in 2019 after not having a doctor in town for 90 years.

Mayor Tim Wilson and  CAO Fegan will meet with Red Deer County personnel to discuss how to work with the Delburne doctor to make the operation more sustainable.

The medical clinics’ founder, Dr. Muti Kauchali, would like to see the clinic upgraded to urgent care status. Then he and his team could provide services for non-life-threatening health concerns that usually require same-day treatment. Examples include broken bones, sprains, lacerations, asthma, dehydration, pain and infections.


The quarterly community policing report from the Three Hill RCMP Detachment Commander Sgt. Jamie Day was received. Council requested CAO Fegan to invite Sgt. Day to a future meeting to specifically review Delburne numbers.
Coun. Andy Folk said he still hears complaints about RCMP response and investigation times.

“It’s a heck of a lot better than it used to be”, said CAO Fegan. “Sgt. Day has members up here once a shift.”

There are only six members at the Three Hills RCMP detachment.

New librarian hired

Christine Baker has been hired as the library manager and will start on Aug. 3. Five candidates, all suitable for the position, had been interviewed.

A dispute has arisen between the Library Board and the Friends of the Library Society over how gaming revenues, raised by the Friends of the Library Society, can be spent.

Council members are hoping to meet informally with board members to smooth out the situation.

No tax auction

A total of three property owners have signed a payment plan for their tax arrears, including the owner whose property would have been up for tax auction this fall.

There are two remaining property owners in tax arrears who have asked about the payment plan.

Public Works

Council heard the fire hall is in need of attention. The window sills and big doors will be painted with money budgeted for this purpose.

CAO Fegan was given permission to get three quotes to replace the shingles on the village office which are in need of replacement.

Public Works Foreman Gary Rusaw is planning to deal with trees currently impeding sight lines when vehicles leave the village onto the highway.

On suggestion by Coun. Faulk, Rusaw will also look at trees needing attention in the main street park. CAO Fegan suggested it may be time for an arborist to survey all the village trees.

Main street park

There is no charge for groups to book the main street park facilities for a function, but a refundable deposit was proposed to encourage responsible use.

No decision was made but $250 was suggested.

Coun. Bourne will follow up on when the timers in the park’s bathrooms will be installed. With vandalism an ongoing concern, camera installation will likely also need to be considered.

Solidarity with Ukraine

A motion was unanimously passed to purchase a Ukrainian flag to raise during the week that includes Sept. 7, Ukrainian Heritage Day.

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