Misguided volunteerism

A letter from resident Diane Miller accusing Mayor Howard Helton of “misguided volunteerism” and “blatant politics” was presented to council at the regular Morrin meeting on Sept. 18.

Miller was referring to Helton mowing grass on three village lots and suggested in her letter that “better use of this election position would be to utilize summer students grants and hire an individual to perform these tasks”.

She found this to be “very inappropriate.”

Mayor Helton responded to the allegations stating that “None of the properties I was mowing belongs to the village with the exception of the boulevards.”

He concluded that he was doing it because “from a health standpoint it’s more productive than running on a treadmill”.

“You are using your own personal resources to do this correct?” asked Coun. Melissa Wilton, adding, “Whatever you do with your personal time is your business. Continue as you see fit.”

“If you offer your services to better the town, I think it’s fine,” said Coun. M’Liss Edwards. “If I pick up a bag and pick up garbage all over town which I often do when I’m taking a walk, is that considered? Should I be leaving it for someone else?”

Sewer blockage

Virgina Howard was present with a request regarding a sewer blockage to her home.

Mayor Howard hired Wecker Plumbing to remove the blockage and scope the line, finding an approximate 10 foot dip on the homeowner’s property and approximately a 40 foot dip on the village property.

Council motioned to have a second scope on the line with the homeowner and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to determine who pays the bills according to the Village’s Sewer Policy, once the results of a second scoping of the line is completed within the next few days.

Other business

Council motioned to pick up the bill for a keyless entry lock and installation on the fire hall for $1,067. Starland County paid for the new door.

The Morrin Library Board provided a letter to council indicating they were not interested in using the United Church as their library.

Council also agreed to a $5,000 operating grant for the remainder of the calendar year of 2019 for the library as provincial funding had not yet come through.

Council approved a motion for $1,392.11 for flowers for the hanging baskets and planters for 2020.

Public Works Foreman David Benci asked council to consider a replacement plan for trees that are dying and a keypad entry at the bulk water plant replacing the coin-operated system in their next budget year.

Public Works and administration were directed by council to reassess the sidewalk tripping hazards and sidewalk repairs needed.

Council viewed the listing of cheques written during the month of August that included paving of potholes in the amount of $114,845.81, sidewalk repairs and curb painting of $2,679.25; and $3,701.25 for the green space park.


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