Mirror’s sewer lines to be replaced

Lacombe county

Lacombe County will spend $847,000 to replace Mirror’s undersized sewer lines.

At its regular meeting June 9, Lacombe County council voted in favour of awarding the project to Urban Dirtworks. The money to fund the sewer line upgrades will come out of the following reserves: Mirror sanitary sewer $60,000; Mirror water reserve – $40,000; and Mirror contingency $746,255,

“The replacement of these lines will not only alleviate the concern of plugged lines but may also make lots available for potential sale and new homes in the community as the bigger lines will accommodate more houses,” said Lacombe County Coun. Brenda Knight.

Last spring Lacombe County updated Mirror’s Area Structure Plan (ASP), which lays the groundwork for future growth in the hamlet. Lacombe County sees potential in Mirror because of its central location, its access to a large population along the QEII and the increased interest in small town living. But one issue facing Lacombe County in Mirror is the hamlet’s undersized and missing infrastructure.

Upgrades approved include: 48 St. water and sewer line replacement, and road replacement to existing standard, on 48 St. 45 St., and 50 St. The damaged fire hydrant will be replaced depending on final costs of water and sewer upgrades on the above listed streets.

With the economic downturn projects costs are lower.

“It was good timing to use the contingency reserve money that the province had given the county for this work in Mirror as costs are lower due to the economic downturn,” said Coun. Knight.

The fire that destroyed the Mirror Hotel earlier this year made the sewer line upgrades a high priority.

“Priority was given to the replacement of undersized sewer lines due to the risk of sewer backup and plugging problems experienced by operational staff,” Keith Boras, manager of environmental and protective services for the county told council in his report.

In 2003 Mirror rescinded its village status in favour of becoming a hamlet in Lacombe County. Since then the county has been working with the community on the Hamlet of Mirror Area Structure Plan (ASP) and adopted one in 2007. It was updated in 2008 and and reviewed last year.

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