Minister of Education meets with Clearview

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In a circus-like tour through the province, Jeff Johnson, Minister of Education, made his final stop in Stettler Monday, May 13, 2013 and held an in-camera session with Clearview School District trustees.
Johnson was on a cross-province tour in a last-ditch effort to change the minds of those boards, including Clearview, that had not previously ratified the Provincial Framework Agreement prepared by the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Teachers’ Association.
A motion to approve its ratification was unanimously passed when the public meeting reconvened.
The vote had become somewhat of a moot point when earlier in the day Johnson announced legislation would be introduced tomorrow to approve the Framework.  This action was precipitated after the Calgary Public School District voted against ratifying the Framework Agreement earlier in the day.
“It was still important to ratify the Framework Agreement,” said Patty Dittrick. “To show that Clearview is prepared to be a positive and productive partner with the government moving forward.”
Financially the deal is good for Clearview School District and for its teachers.
A number of board members continued to express concern about the enhanced role of the ATA and the diminishing power of the local school boards’ responsibilities and authority.
“The bargaining structure is something the minister has asked the board to take a leap of faith on,” said Chairman, Ken Checkel.
With ratification and a potential labour dispute now settled, Clearview can focus on its most important task – educating students.

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