Minimum municipal tax levy implemented

In order to ensure that all property owners pay a minimum amount for basic municipal services, the Town of Coronation has implemented a minimum municipal tax levy of $500 per parcel of land.
It will be applied to all assessment classes except Linear Assessment.
The minimum tax only applies to a property if the calculated tax rate multiplied by the assessed value of the property is lower than the amount set as the minimum tax.
Municipal residential property tax is currently set at .0140254.
For clarification purposes, a property with an assessed value of $30,000 would be multiplied by .0140254 and this would be $420.76.
This amount is less than the $500 minimum municipal tax levy, so the property owner would get an additional tax notice of $79.24 to make up the difference.

Recreation facility rental policy
Council discussed what the procedure for renting the recreation facilities to the school will be.
They amended their policy to state that the town facilities may be rented by the Coronation School at no cost, provided the functions or athletic activities deal specifically with student curriculum or programming.
The rates and damage deposits of the recreation facilities were assessed, and council will come back and look at this further as they may want to adjust some of the damage deposits once they have done some more research.

Street signage
The town will be conducting a street sign inventory to see which ones are missing or damaged and new signs will be ordered.
Public hearing for Bylaw 2018-658
The town did not receive any written submissions regarding Bylaw 2018-658 which deals with Cannabis Retail Sales in Coronation and no member of the public showed up for the hearing, so the new Land Use Bylaw 2018-658 was given its third reading and passed.

Paintearth Economic Partnership Society (PEPS)
During council reports Coun. Ron Checkel mentioned that he attended the PEPS REACH presentation in Castor on May 22.
The PEPS REACH program is a small business development program available to residents in Castor, Coronation, Halkirk and Paintearth County.
It is an 11-month program that will support new entrepreneurs with one-on-one coaching, training on various business topics, access to specialized services and networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs and business service providers.
The program is offered at no cost to participants.

Lisa Bye
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