Mill rates increasing one per cent

Written by Terri Huxley

A mill rate increase of one per cent was approved for County of Paintearth ratepayers for the 2021 tax year.

Council, at their regular meeting on Tues. April 20, carried all three readings of the bylaw to solidify these rates which are levied against assessable property.

The estimated municipal expenditures and transfers set out in the budget for the county for 2021 is a total of $16,730,908 while the estimated municipal revenues and transfers from all sources other than taxation is estimated at $3,111,372.

The balance of $13,619,536 is to be raised by general municipal taxation. The Alberta School Foundation Fund (ASFF) comes to $540,524 for residential/farmland and $1,522,572 for non-residential and linear properties.

Seniors Foundation requisition comes to $553,722 and Designated Industrial Properties is $60,575.

Total assessment for all types of properties comes to $1,052,746,050.

General municipal mill rates for residential sits at 4.846303, farmland at 10.423978, non-residential/linear at 14.439101 and machinery and equipment at 14.439101. Seniors Foundation sits at 0.526760.

Brownfield water lines

Greg Sentis, a project manager for MPE Engineering of Red Deer came to council to help with any questions that may arise from the Brownfield water main upgrades project.

A tender was put out with all bids to be returned by April 8.

Sentis shared that the lowest bid from a Black Diamond company, Elite Site Services was recommended by the engineers, not only for the lowest price but also from their reputation of previous work done with them.

“They are one of my more go-to guys. They do take care of the communities they are working in,” said Sentis.

Their bid came in at $156,014.25 which administration felt was close to the quote they anticipated to get for this project.

Council passed a motion to go with Elite Site Services for this amount.

The county has received Municipal Stimulus Program (MSP) grant funding for $40,000 for this project as well as reserves specifically for water and sewer projects.

Fleet ASP open hearing

Fleet’s Area Structure Plan (ASP) reached the public hearing stage on Tues. April 20.

Administration has proposed creating eight residential properties in the small hamlet.

Community services director Todd Pawsey shared that two –possibly three – lots have already been spoken for.

There was no one from the public in attendance for the hearing but three letters were received about the possibility of a lagoon system.

Residents nearby received an information package on the rail lands plan.

Donna Hutchison, a property owner within Fleet shared in a letter that she was opposed to the idea of a communal lagoon system as proposed for the long-term future plan, opting for approval of septic systems at each lot.

This statement was echoed by property owners Sherry Sinclair and Warren McKenzie.

More discussion will take place when the ASP is brought back in May for second and third reading.

Halkirk grader shed bid

A county-issued tender for construction services for the design and construction of the Halkirk grader shed closed on April 15.

Five bids came in ranging from $375,000 to $762,498.

Council passed a motion to go with Klassen Construction Ltd. on a wood structure for an initial estimate of $375,000.

The county does expect to negotiate a few changes with some minor upgrades such as thicker tin on the roof and thicker slab inside the structure which could range between an additional $10,000 and $25,000.

The open style of the wooden building will allow for these changes.

Partial funding will come from MSP with the remainder coming from public works restricted surplus.

Castor Library funding

The Castor Municipal Library has requested the county send their annual funding early.

Rather than their normal time in July, council agreed to give the $7,500 to them this month for the 2021 year.

“The library board has hired a new library manager and we would like to be able to start programming as soon as possible. 

“Getting this grant earlier this year will allow us to do so,” stated Lynn Sabo, board chair, in her letter to council.


Terri Huxley

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