Milking the racist cow!

Dear Editor,

Biblically speaking, sin is sin and we are guilty regardless of the degree. But that is not the criteria as far as society is concerned.

Our law systems, courts, as well as public opinion judge law breaking as to how it affects others, physically, financially, and mentally.

In a perfect world, sentences would fit the crime as Gilbert and Sullivan stated in one of their famous operas.

Times have changed since the days of simple justice – commit a murder you died on the gallows, steal anything and you could end up in a very nasty prison for quite a few years.

Spit on a sidewalk and you would be fined, and so on.

In today’s world we have a very complicated and sometimes biased judicial system.

Often times it seems the guilty are treated with more compassion and justice than the victim.

Smart lawyers can find a loophole that allows the case to be dismissed over a technicality even though the defendant is known by all to be guilty.

All these deviations from true justice have certainly caused the Canadian people to be upset, annoyed and distrustful of the things that are taking place among the organizations and people who are supposed to be in charge of our safety and integrity.

But I doubt there has been a time that has been so lopsided and upside down as what is happening these days with regard to our Prime Minister and the Liberal Government.

It is utterly amazing, as far as I am concerned, that a Prime Minister is not condemned for the obvious disregard for our judicial system as well as what is considered a breach of ethics but is absolutely trashed for daring to paint his face black or brown when he appeared in a play years ago.

Really what have we come to?

This is a crime?

No it is not, but in the eyes of the politically correct and sensitive so-called victims, this is the worst possible offence this man could have ever committed.

As you probably all know by now, I am not a fan of Justin Trudeau and since the Liberals started their smear campaign they are probably getting their just desserts.

But for the press in Canada, the United States and probably many other places to show these pictures and film over and over again proves the fact that none of these people really care about anyone being offended or surely they would stop.

Justin did this three times, I believe, to a limited audience but now the whole world sees these pictures many times over.

What hypocrisy!

When the Mayor of Calgary claims to have been offended by this I wonder just what he and other so-called victims expect.

He has power, he has wealth, he is recognized on the world stage and yet he claims he suffers from this so called racial attack.

Then he tries to evoke our sympathy with his comment: “When will this ever end?’’

To which I reply: “Never, as long as you continue to milk the racist cow!”


Faye Pearson,

Stettler, Alta.

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