Métis Storyboard Project displays cultural pride

Sisters Milina Crawler-Brown (11) and Nevada Hersey (9) test their hand at the crafts table during the storyboard dedication ceremony on Sat. Aug. 4. ECA Review/T.Huxley

Marlene Lanz, Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) Region 3 President, laughs as she shows an oven mitt with macaroni pieces glued on top as a gag gift during the storyboard dedication ceremony.
ECA Review/T.Huxley

Joanne Norris and Laura Baier make traditional corn dolls provided at the dedication ceremony in the Big Valley Community Hall.
ECA Review/T.Huxley

Christine Venne gets her photo taken in a historic tent by friend Aimee Boulton at the storyboard site located in northern Big Valley. ECA Review/T.Huxley

The Village of Big Valley spent Heritage Day weekend exhibiting a brand new project featuring highlights of the Métis culture.

The project is an accumulation of 24 storyboards depicting a wide variety of Métis heritage including the traditional jig dance, buffalo hunting and unique clothing.

The 15th Annual Métis Hivernant Rendezvous was hosted by the Hivernant Métis Cultural Society which held a ceremony on Sat. Aug. 4 in honour of the new signage.

If all goes to plan, the 53 Railway Avenue commercial lots owned by the society will become the future home of a Métis Cultural Interpretive Village.

Presentations were made by Regional President Marlene Lanz alongside many distinguished guests who acknowledged or made the signage a reality.

Lanz shared the progress of the people and their reconciliation with the Canadian government.

Steps are still needed to be taken but the elder was pleased with how far they have come as a prominent part of society.


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