Media’s brazen hypocrisy

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the editorial on  March 4  titled ‘People corrupt power’. 

I am tired of the media in general giving no time to the good that Donald Trump did for America. 

To begin, please tell me what Mr. Biden has done for America in his 47-year political career other than make himself and his family rich. 

Mr. Trump took no money but, instead donated his salary to worthy causes!

Let us consider President Trump who, after the country’s 71 years of political intervention and endless wars, was able to broker four peace deals in the Middle East. 

He had a great impact on the economy, brought jobs and lowered unemployment for the Latino and Black communities. 

He stopped the North Koreans from sending their missiles toward Japan and threatening the U.S. 

He changed the relationship with China and brought hundreds of businesses back to the U.S. 

This same president exposed the long-standing corruption in the FBI, CIA, NSA and both the Republican and Democratic parties. 

He also got NATO to pay their fare share of dues and not take a disproportionate amount from the U.S. 

He was the first president since Eisenhower not to engage in a foreign war and was nominated five times for a Nobel Peace Prize (all nominations coming from other countries). 

He lowered taxes and raised the standard deduction for young families and the stock market was the highest in history.

Donald Trump also rebuilt the military and stood behind law enforcement and secured the borders. These made America safer. 

You may not like the way President Trump acted all the time. I did not always like his ‘tweeting’ but he loved the U.S. and other countries respected him. 

He stood for America and fought for her the best way he could even though he received little thanks and had the Democrats constantly lying about him about many things including the ‘Russia Hoax’. 

I don’t care if people love or hate Donald Trump but at least have a balanced view. 

There are different rules in play for Joe Biden. When is the media going to admit to its brazen hypocrisy?


Karina Staudinger

Alix, Alta.

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