Media, government to herd us like sheep

Dear Editor,

Watching the all news channels this past week was a test of endurance. 

The Senate inquisition of Amy Coney Barrett by the Democrats was disgusting.

I hope some of the Senators have living Mothers who scold them for their unseemly behaviour. 

There were few meaningful questions, mainly attacks on her religion, faith and family values.

It seems that the Democrats believe that a person who has moral values and standards has no place in being a judge, what seemed to infuriate them was her stating that her role would be to interpret what the Constitution actually says rather than what she wished it said.

Some also objected to her children, calling her a colonist for adopting two Haitian children. 

Then the New York Post printing an article on Hunter Biden who sold his position as Joe Biden’s son to enrich himself by selling “introductions.” 

The Post also ran an article on how five members of Vice President Biden’s family became wealthy through his position. 

Nothing shocking about that, the Clintons mastered that art and passed it on. 

What was shocking was that Twitter and Facebook censored and blocked the article about Hunter Biden. 

Apparently they want Joe Biden to win so badly that they will stifle free speech. 

Then we move to Canada, the Liberals had prorogued Parliament to stop the inquiry into the WE-Trudeau scandal and now that Parliament has resumed “in some form” and the committee investigating is meeting, the Liberals on the committee are doing everything they can to make sure no information is released. 

I would not be surprised if they enter Webster’s dictionary, word by word into evidence or perhaps the Toronto phone book name by name. It would be as meaningful as what they have been doing. 

It appears that “we the people” are allowing the media and government to herd us like sheep.

They are being aided and abetted by Covid-19. We sign in to go to church for the “common good,” we faithfully line up for flu shots, we, well most of us will, line up for Covid-19 shots. 

The point is that we are being conditioned for government control of everything, and what better than a One World government, UN and an ID mark which would allow you to do commerce in a cashless society.


Gord Snell

AKA Mr. Separatist 

Three Hills, Alta.

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