Medals awarded to Castor volunteers

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Mayor Richard Elhard presented several members of the Castor Fire Department with Alberta Emergency Service Medals on Dec. 11 at the regular Castor town council meeting.
The medals are a tribute to volunteers who have committed 12 or more years of service to the department.
Blake Boizard, Kevin McDougall and Warren Rowland received the medal for 12 years of service.
Awarded a service medal and a 22-year bar was Lee Bagshaw, Scott Bagshaw, Patrick Kelly and Martin Rowland.
Mike Yakielashek received a service medal along with 22 and 32-year service bars. Laverne Allen and Lonny Nelner received a 32-year service bar.

Street construction issues
Castor council will meet with the engineering firm involved with the 51 Street construction.
Many councillors and Castor residents are displeased with the state of the new sidewalk and road, that was worked on this summer and fall.
The new street is significantly lower than the previous, with a large slope now in the side walk.
Council discussed issues getting in to back alleys and residential properties from the now much lower street. These changes could cause complications in the future including flooding and icy conditions which will be dangerous for citizens and business owners.
“Everything is way lower than what it should be,” stated Councillor Travis Ryan. “It doesn’t make sense,” Ryan questions the surveying done, as he believes the numbers and measurements do not add up.

New skate sharpener
Mayor Richard Elhard shared that this coming year will be the 50th anniversary for the hockey arena, which is to be celebrated during the Minor Hockey weekend. There will be several games and a special cake to commemorate the occasion.
The recreation board will be working with Men’s Night Out for the purchase of a new skate sharpener. The new sharpener is said to be “fool-proof” to use.
The County of Paintearth has given $50,000 towards the Castor arena renovation, which is planned to start next spring.

Fitness classes
There has been low attendance for fitness classes so a change to pre-registration and pre-pay only was made by council in an attempt to keep steady attendance numbers.
“It is a really good service to have,” mentioned Mayor Elhard, “We just need more people to get in to it.”


Alberta Emergency Service Medals were awarded to several Castor Fire Department volunteers including Lonny Nelner (left) for 32 years of service by Mayor Richard Elhard at the Town of Castor’s open house on Mon. Dec. 11.







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