Maybe people think it is ‘fake news’

Stats Canada reports that in 2015, the police reported 72,039 impaired driving incidents, that is a rate of 201 per 100,000 population.

It is good to see that they are reporting that is four per cent lower than 2014.

I hope that downward trend continues.

That does sound good but we all know that the actual number of people who drink and drive is much higher.

I don’t know why people still drink and drive. The information about why it is dangerous has been out there over and over again.

Maybe people think it is ‘fake news’.

Whatever the problem is, there are still way too many people drinking and driving.

One problem might be that they do not realize how many other things there are to factor in when drinking.

Things like how much you weigh, if you ate enough, or how fast you drink, are a few examples.

Maybe the big problem is that they just don’t think at all when drinking.

I wonder what kind of excuses they tell themselves to make it okay to drive?

Let’s see… there is the coffee excuse.

‘I drank a cup of coffee so I am now good to drive.’

No, not really, you are just more awake. The only thing that helps is time, so if it took you about five hours to drink that coffee you might be able to go.

Another excuse, ‘I live out in the boonies, no one else drives on my road.’ I guess these people have not heard of the ‘one-vehicle accident’. Maybe they think that is ‘fake news’ too.

Or, ‘I can drive. I have done it many times and nothing happened.’

There is always the first time and even if you don’t hit another car and kill someone else, I refer back to the ‘single-vehicle accident’.

Then there is the ‘I won’t get caught.

The police are never around this time of night.’

Well, sometimes they are.

Can you afford the big fine, or will it take away Christmas for your family?

What about getting your licence taken away?

How will that affect your life? Will you still be able to get to your job?

And finally, ‘My parents do it so I can do it too.’

Wow! Just the thought of mixing youth and inexperience with drinking and driving is scary.

What kind of example are those parents giving their children?

I do feel encouraged by the number of young people who do make sure they have a designated driver and do not let friends drink and drive.

What a wonderful example their children will have to follow.

That gives me hope for the future.

Don’t drink and drive.


by Lois Perepelitz

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