Maybe finally, a leader with courage

Well surprise! Surprise! The political establishment got it all wrong and as a result are eating some crow.
The pollsters, the media and the Democrats thought that Hillary Clinton had the election in the bag and that she would become the first women President of the United States of America.
The thought of Donald Trump becoming President was just too awful to contemplate.
They better get used to it because whether they like it or not he will be their President for the next four years.
What we have here is a good  example of ‘the people have spoken’.
Donald Trump defied the odds right from when he first announced that he was going to run for President of the USA. Neither the Democrats or the Republican Party  could figured out why he was attracting such a large following.
Both parties had become elitist and were not listening to ordinary people. Both parties had become too progressive with their polices.
What I really noticed was that Trump had tapped into the fact that a large segment of the population had become sick and tired of political correctness.
Every time he came out with an outrages statement his popularity seemed to go up.
There were times when he carried it too. For example, his  criticism of  a former beauty queen for putting on too much weight  was not necessary or warranted. That gave his opposition much fodder for attack.
He was able to identify with the concerns of ordinary people and some of his statements were misunderstood.
He was not really opposed to the Hispanics, what he is opposed to was  the uncontrolled immigration. This was also his concern with immigration from the Muslim countries.
He was criticized for being unsympathetic and talking down to the black people.
What he said was “the schools the black people have to attend are no good, they have poor or no jobs and their living conditions are deplorable so what the hell have they got to lose?”
What he meant was previous governments didn’t solve your problems so I will fix it.
Right from day one Obama and his administration pandered to the environmental lobby. That has had a negative impact on the economy of the country. Obama stalled the approval for building the XL Pipeline for years and then finally rejected it. He closed down coalmines that cost thousands of jobs. He signed the Paris Climate Change agreement.
I believe this agreement has not been approved by Congress as yet.
These kind of polices discourage economic development.
Trump has said that he disagrees with the concept of C02 being the cause of climate change. His plan is to tear up the Paris Agreement and he will re-activate the coalmines.
Maybe, just maybe, the world will have a leader that has the courage to challenge the accepted concept of the cause of climate change.
As I pointed out in my column last week, meteorological and geological scientists insist that climate change is natural and that man-made C02 emissions have no impact on climate change.
In fact they say that the world would be much healthier if the concentration of C02 in the atmosphere was about three times what it is now.
I think the most important thing that Donald Trump could do for the world would be to expose the fallacy and fraud of the current climate change polices being implemented by world leaders, environmentalists and media.
These polices, if continued, have the potential to destroy the world economy. There is far too much introverted socialist thinking ingrained in the majority of world leaders.
They just can’t seem to see that what they are doing is destructive to economic growth. Our Alberta Premier is an excellent example.

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