Massive fishing derby turnout

The Youngstown Fishing Derby was well attended with 204 participants registered to fish during the day.

It was a beautiful day, but those fishing claimed that the fish were not biting that well.

After a slow start to the day, some fish were finally being brought in.

In total, only 30 fish were brought in to be weighed in the competition.

The overall winner with the largest rainbow trout was Russell Saunders bringing in a 2.55-pound fish.

Saunders chose a generator as his prize from a large assortment of prizes.

The top three winners in the adult category were: John Murray with a 2.45 lb. fish in first place; 2nd to Clive Scott with a 2.40 lb. fish; and 3rd to John Molzan with a 2.10 lb. fish.

In the junior division, the top three winners were: Colby Scott with a 1.40 lb. fish; 2nd to Leah Elke with a 0.90 lb. fish; and 3rd to Harlow Fraser with a 0.75 lb. fish.

A total of 21 prizes were available to be won. The winner of the $100 cash prize for the most Carp caught was Jason Hall with a total catch of 23.

Clive Scott, being a winner from last year, generously donated an additional $150 towards next year’s Carp prize.

From all reports, it was a successful and enjoyable day and we hope to see you at next year’s Derby!


by Debbie Laughlin

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