Market in the Park coming

Written by Brenda Schimke

Plans for the Market in the Park on July 1 are coming together, said organizer Amy Ritchie in her update at the regular meeting of the Delburne village council meeting on June 14, 2022.  So far, 16 vendors, one food truck and a violinist have been booked.

Should she need the stage, Ritchie asked council to consider donating the cost. No decision was made.

“This plays into community events versus private events discussion”, said Mayor Tim Wilson. Council doesn’t want to set a precedent but at the same time know small community groups might not have access to $500 for a damage deposit. Mayor Wilson will discuss alternatives with Ritchie.

Mayor Wilson continues to be interested in establishing a permanent, viable farmer/flea market. Coun. Ray Reckseidler will contact Dennis Moffatt, recently retired manager of the Red Deer Market, to pick his brain for ideas and advice.

RCMP quarterly report
Council reviewed the quarterly Community Policing Report prepared by Sgt. Jamie Day of the Three Hills RCMP detachment.

Sgt. Day highlighted two initiatives that will enhance community engagement. First, to increase the transparency of police interactions with citizens, body worn cameras will be field tested this year.

Second, Alberta RCMP has launched a new mobile app for IOS and android devices, that allows Albertans to access information without delay.

The app is available as a free download through Apple or Google Play and will provide community members with online access to news, crime reporting, detachment locations, crime mapping, and statistics, plus links to mental health supports, Crime Stoppers and Alberta RCMP social media accounts.

“The app is great,” said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Karen Fegan.

A discussion ensued about the increasing crime numbers.

“For those who might have looked at these statistics from five years ago, it probably doesn’t reflect increased criminal activity, but rather increased activity by police”, said Coun. Jeff Bourne. “I look at these numbers as positive and that it is the phenomenal work by Sgt. Day and his staff.”

Golf carts on village streets
Eleven residents of Fawn Meadows sent a letter to council requesting that golf carts be allowed on village streets when moving between the golf course and their homes.

Council agreed that these residents, the council, Red Deer County Patrol and the Alberta RCMP be brought together for a discussion. The Provincial Safety Traffic Act does not allow unlicensed, uninsured vehicles on public roads, and a village by-law would not supersede this statute.

CAO Fegan will make arrangements for a meeting.

Municipal Library
At the annual general meeting of the Delburne Municipal Library on May 5, 2022, members were informed that Judy Nicklom had tendered her resignation as library manager effective June 30, 2022.
Council offered their thanks and appreciation for Nicklom’s 10-year commitment to the library.

Coun. Reckseidler received an email from Lena Jackson, school librarian, who has graciously offered to be interim librarian for the months of July and August. Council applauded her generous and much appreciated offer.

The new executive officers of the library board are Chair Susan Tyndall, Vice Chair Lorna Goddard, Treasurer Amy Ritchie and Secretary Ashley Rietmann.

Indigenous art installation
Coun. Kathy Faulk asked that a final decision be made on whether the village would be contracting native artist, Ryan Willert, for an art installation pursuant to conversations last October. Faulk advised Willert has left a spot open for us on his two-year waitlist.

Council agreed Faulk will contact Willert and have the village removed from his list at this time. CAO Fegan has been unable to secure a grant for his work. All grants have the stipulation that there be an indigenous population in their community or be adjacent to an indigenous population.

Council will instead explore bringing indigenous cultural events to the community on special days.

Administrator’s report
Two new business licenses were issued—a handyman service and Shirley’s Flowers and Friends who will be operating a mobile truck out of her Three Hills location. One development permit was issued for a wheelchair ramp at the Drop-In Centre.

Two of the remaining six properties on tax notification have signed a payment agreement.

On a query about sidewalks, Public Works Foreman Rusaw said that the ‘sidewalk guy’ will be here within the next couple of weeks to access them. Coun. Faulk noted that the sidewalks were difficult for motorized scooters.

The Delburne Community Hall Board Society had their annual general meeting on May 12. The new executive is President Ray Miller, Vice President J.P. Paquette, and Secretary/Treasurer Dustin Gillespie.

Brenda Schimke
ECA Review

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