Mark Nikota endorsed as Drumheller- Stettler Alberta Party Candidate

At the Fri. June 22 Constituency Association Meeting, the board of directors officially endorsed Mark Nikota as their candidate for the next Provincial election.

Nikota, the former Mayor of Hanna and current CAO in the Village of Delia, has lived in the Drumheller-Stettler riding with his family for over 20 years. Volunteering on diverse boards and his background as a bank manager have also made him a considerable candidate for the job. He brings with him experience in business leadership and a passion for building communities.

“I believe in building and promoting communities and I think we need more of a positive vision moving forward in the province, I just want to make a difference,” said Nikota.

To Nikota, the Alberta Party is the right choice because of its balanced viewpoints and middle of the road ideology.

“With the political climate in Alberta being divided, the Alberta party gives the riding a choice of something positive to vote for, with a party that occupies the center of the political spectrum,” said Nikota. “They are fiscally responsible but are socially progressive so we don’t leave people behind. We help them when they need help. So as a centrist party, that is where I sit.”

Deputy Leader Greg Clark made an impression on the candidate.

“Everytime we talked he said if it’s a good idea it doesn’t matter where it comes from so I mean I really like that outlook. It’s about fixing problems and helping people,” explained Nikota.

Nikota wishes to focus on education, healthcare, transportation and economic development as he feels some provincial equations leaves rural communities feeling ‘short changed’.

“I think that in rural Alberta, especially Drumheller, Stettler and other communities, we need to build our communities. Economic Development is a huge one. I think we are a little lacking out here and our vision of what kind of ideas but even as my time as mayor, there is a lot of things like proper funding for our schools because some of the funding formulas, the way they work, we get short changed,” said Nikota.

For more information on the local association, the party, or how to get involved, please contact acting association president James Nibourg at or Mark Nikota at


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