Man Hunter hits the Halkirk coulees


Man Hunter, guest Brook Doan, followed by Denton Hyland, were two of the four Man Hunters at Circle Square Ranch fundraiser Sat. June 24, searching for participants through the Halkirk coulees. Wes Kopas and Kevin Perry were the other two Man Hunters for the day. Family participated in the first race in the morning while children, aged 12-15 participated in the afternoon, with participants aged 16 and up finishing off the day. All the monies raised goes to paying for young people to attend camp who cannot afford it otherwise.





Dallen and Dustin Kroeker of Coronation preparing for the Man Hunter, 16 & up, competition.  Seven teams participated in this race.









Tayten Dyck of Amisk, Ab. and Florence Morin of Wainwright, Ab. study of the map with the help of Florence’s mom, Shawna Dyck and Tayten’s dad, Tony Morin. The 16 & up competition was a two mile trek up and down the coulees with two check points along the way. 

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