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Our family always had the New Year’s day tradition of having something new to wear on New Year’s day. Mother told us that this would bring us good fortune in the new year.

When I think about it now, I am not sure that this is a real superstition or if our mother used it in the hope that we would keep something clean to wear on that day in case we went visiting or had visitors.

Whatever her reasoning, we all kept it up and to this day we make sure we are wearing something new on New Year’s day, even if it is just new socks.

This year I have two new things in my life.

My first great-grandson was born in November.  The first boy in several generations.  His parents made him even more special to me by naming him after my late husband.  I am sure he will be my good fortune for many years.

The second is my new dog.  After I innocently told my nephew that yes, sometimes it is a little lonely without my dog, he made it his mission to find me one.

He was successful.  I am now the proud owner of a Shiztu/Pomeranian cross puppy whom I am sure will provide me a lot of laughter and joy.

However it doesn’t have to be about acquiring new things.  What about doing something new?

Maybe we need to get out of our comfort zone sometimes.  We might be surprised by what we find. Finding a new friend could be worth a fortune.

We don’t have to wait for the new year either. We have 365 days in a year.   We could treat each one as a mini new year and be ready to try something new every day.

We could try a new hobby in the winter and a new sport in the summer.

We should always be looking for new opportunities in all areas of our lives, work and play.

Be ready to learn something new or do something we have always wanted to do.

Some people call that making a bucket list.  I like that idea but I think the list should be flexible and never ending; if you cross something off of it then add something new and keep it going.

This year let’s promise ourselves that we will not waste a bit of it. That we will make it the best year ever.

Let’s make a promise that everyday we will strive to be and do the best that we can be and do; then when the year is over we can say that 2016 really was a good year.

Happy New Year everyone.

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