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A number of major infrastructure projects will soon begin action later this year after council awarded the appropriate tender bids to each.

The Town of Stettler’s 2019 Capital Budget has set aside $280,000 to replace the water mains and services on 52 Street from 48 to 49 Avenue.

Wally’s Backhoe Services, a Stetter based contractor, won the bid at $172,505.80. A 10 per cent contingency added as well as engineering costs made for a grand total of $221,369.75, saving the town almost $59,000 to complete.

The money saved will go towards other projects.

Urban Dirtworks was awarded the ‘complicated job’ of conducting the 57A Street water and sewer main lines replacement.

Staff mentioned that the complications of the job include overhead power lines, a gas line down the middle of the road, a buried phone and internet line all within the narrow alley.

The nature and scope of work required a higher cost for engineering as well as the actual tender price which came to a total of $458,931.57, almost $19,000 over budget.

Border Paving was given $635,024.67, plus a contingency of $63,502.47 plus non tender amounts of $84,457.87, (including engineering utilizing Tagish Engineering at a maximum cost of $50,000) and additionally will complete paving patches in the amount of $68,515.00 for a total project cost of $851,500 excluding gst., with funding from the 2019 Capital Budget.

The Heart Haven Lodge parking lot will also be done by Border Paving at a tender price of $86,228.33 with a total project cost of $165,000 which is being funded entirely by the County of Stettler Housing Authority.

Based on an assessment in 2018, it was determined that the Bus Garage located at 5012-47 Street required substantial repair to its roof.

Town Council approved the repair as a 2019 capital expenditure for $15,000 but on April 26 during an onsite inspection, it was determined that the exterior trim and doors were also in need of repair and a new coat of paint.

Rodeo Roofing was the sole contractor who submitted a bid for the  Bus Garage Roof Replacement Tender, giving council the option of asphalt shingles or galvanized metal.

The pros and cons of both materials were mentioned but, in the end, council chose the galvanized metal for its lighter material, durability, fire resistance, longer warranty, long lasting nature and recyclability.

Councillor service recognition

A policy that acknowledges the long standing commitment councillors have to their community was brought forward for discussion.

Councillors who resign and are not returning to council are typically given a gift coordinated between the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and mayor that reflects that councillors individuality.

Council agreed to changed the guideline to reflect $100 per year of service for councillors and $200 per year of service for the mayor.

The gift would be given during a public function such as council or privately at the discretion of the individual.

“It’s nothing too crazy but shows all the extra time given,” said CAO Greg Switenky. “A small token [of appreciation].”

STARS presentation

STARS Senior Municipal Relations Liaison Glenda Farnden came to council to share an annual update of the non-profit and their activity in the Stettler area.

“We’ve seen so many challenges, innovation and changes through those years, all for the better,” said Farnden.

Last year, STARS was just shy of 3,000 missions flown last year, a start comparison from the first 50 conducted in 1985.

STARS serves four provinces in western Canada from B.C. to Manitoba with six bases.

An average of five missions are done in Alberta each day, making the majority of calls.

In 2018, the Stettler Hospital requested cardiac and sepsis education from the STARS educational unit which is a van set like the inside of a hospital.

Three missions have already taken place around Stettler this year while 15 calls were made within the County of Stettler last year.

Farnden will be returning in the fall for another update.

2020 marks 35 years for STARS.


Terri Huxley

ECA Review

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